Hopped Water

Enjoy Confidently!

All Bite, No Booze.
Zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero calories, zero gluten. 

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Hopped Water! 

At Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing, we took our knowledge of delicious beverages, our craft beer, and our love of hops to create this new cutting edge refreshing drink, perfectly suited whether you are consuming alcohol or not.

We are proud to offer Hopped Water, a non-alcoholic IPA-style beverage that is crafted with the same care and attention to detail as our traditional beers.

Hopped Water is a dry-hopped, carbonated sparkling water that is bursting with flavor from the hops. You can expect a crisp citrus with a soft berry bite. It's the perfect alternative for those who want to enjoy the taste and bite of a traditional IPA without the added alcohol content, carbohydrates, sugars, calories or gluten.

Our hop water can provide a satisfying and enjoyable alternative to alcoholic drinks or non alcoholic beer, containing zero alcohol, zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbohydrates and zero gluten.

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Three Easy Steps to Join the Party

Order Hopped Water Today

Crafted with the best fruit-forward hops, leaving a mild bitterness on the palate.

Take It With You On The Go

Enjoy a refreshing beverage while still being social and active.

Drink As Many As You Want!

Each Hopped Water is brewed to perfection, just like our beers. You know you’re getting a great product with quality ingredients, delicious hop flavor, and none of the alcohol, none of the calories, none of the sugar, none of the carbohydrates and none of the gluten.

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What is hop water?

Hop Water is a hop infused carbonated water that is created by steeping hops for a specific period of time to craft the perfect IPA style refresher. Hop water is not brewed with any grain, nor malt so it naturally has zero alcohol, zero carbohydrates, zero gluten, zero calories making it the perfect IPA style refresher and non-alcoholic beer alternative.

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Perfectly Fit For Anyone

Refreshing and crisp, zero carbs, zero sugars, zero calories, perfect for the adventurer, the hiker, the biker, marathon runner, craft beer enthusiast, or hop-heads whether you are relaxing at home or hanging out with friends.  Great if you're drinking alcohol or not drinking alcohol! Sugar free IPA and craft beer alternative, perfect for any diet you may or may not be on.

Perfect for the following diets: keto, whole30, paleo, vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, non GMO, low calorie, pregnant or nursing, diabetic, anti inflammatory, raw.

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The Beer Alternative

Hop Water is the perfect alternative to beer and an even better alternative to non alcoholic beer. Stop wasting your energy on excessive calories, sugar, and carbohydrates and enjoy our Hopped Water today!

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