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Why Hop Water is the Ultimate Non Alcoholic Beer Option

Why Hop Water is the Ultimate Non Alcoholic Beer Option             

I wanted to get into the non-alcoholic beer space with Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing for some time.  While I own a great craft microbrewery in New Jersey that makes really wonderful craft beers, I often gravitate towards drinking something non-alcoholic.  I am a very active fitness lover and alcohol can sometimes get in the way and hinder my outdoor adventures. 

As I began to explore the non-alcoholic beers that are on the shelves at stores, I realized that I was not actively drinking them.  Most of the NA beers began to collect dust and move further and further to the back of the refrigerator.  For me, I found non-alcoholic beers to just be filled with calories, sugar, and carbohydrates.  The entire experience was not satisfying. 

I wanted a beverage that went with my active lifestyle, was not full of residual sugars, that I can take on every adventure.  I found myself crafting a hop water, an IPA style beverage that would satisfy my cravings for hoppy beverages and would allow me to socialize without feeling left out.

Hopped Water is chock full of high quality hops.  Forgotten Boardwalk’s hop water uses Sultana hops, which are a Hopsteiner proprietary dual hop.  Sultana is a monster of a plant with high oil content that lends a really bright citrus and soft berry note to our IPA Alternative.  Our Hopped Water is an IPA style beverage with pleasant bitterness and carbonated to mimic a beer rather than sparkling water.  This makes the beverage drink with more body than typical hop waters.

Here are the top reasons why Hopped Water is the better non-alcoholic beer alternative

  • No Gluten
    • If you have an intolerance to gluten than Non-alcoholic craft beer is not for you. NA beers are packed with gluten.  Hopped Water is a zero gluten beverage.  So you can get all the great hoppy flavors and styles of IPAs without having to worry about gluten and how it will affect your health
  • No Calories
    • A good portion of Dry January participants are not waging a war on alcohol as much as they are trying to remove excess calories from their diet. This is even truer after the holiday season where most of us have splurged on our fair share of calories.  Nonalcoholic beer has zero alcohol but still has calories that can affect your waist line.  Hopped Water is a zero calorie, non alcoholic craft beverage option.  You can trade in your 100 calories from that NA IPA for a zero calorie Hopped Water.
  • No Carbohydrates and No Sugar
    • Everyone diets differently. Some count calories, some count carbs, some count both.  Non alcoholic beer contains both carbohydrates and sugars.  NA Beers often contain as much as 25 carbohydrates per 12 ounces.  Hop Water contains zero carbohydrates per 12 ounces.  This can add up fast!  A six pack of NA beer will cost you 150 carbs where a six pack of Hopped Water has zero carbohydrates. 
    • Some NA beers are made by using suspended mash or maltodextrin yeast. This means that a whole load of sugar is left in the beer as the yeast never converted the sugars to alcohol.  This leaves non-alcohol beers very sweet and full of sugars that your body has to process.
  • No Alcohol
    • Nonalcoholic beer is made in a variety of ways with suspended fermentation or by having alcohol removed. This leaves the NA beer with trace amounts of alcohol, 0.5% by volume.  If you are looking for a truly non-alcoholic beer option without trace amounts of alcohol, look to have a Hopped Water, 0.0% abv
  • Friendly for multiple diets
    • Keto Diet
    • Vegan Diet
    • Whole 30
    • Vegetarian Diet
    • Low Carbohydrate Diet
    • Fat free diet
    • Low calorie diet
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